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7 years later

The app still works! I love sheep and I would actually switch off nights counting sheep aloud with my husband to help us fall asleep. We noticed that the one counting wouldn’t fall asleep as fast as the one listening. We both fell asleep together with this app!

Great app !

It's relaxing and it functions the way it's supposed to.

Thumb up

I love this app so much but it need to update. I've been waiting for 4 years And I've hear nothing from you guys about update.

Awesome app!

My two month old's favorite app. Simple, elegant and cute. Only grumpy people put up bad reviews as this app is awesome.


I love this app. It's simple genius. The graphics and music are sweet and soothing. I can't keep my eyes open, as much as I want to. I like watching for the occasional black sheep; they're a nice touch. Thanks!

Not baa d

I like this app. It delivers what it promises. One suggestion to improve it: add little baa-ing sounds when the sheep go by. That would be icing on the cake.


Wasted a dollar. I took nyquill an hour ago and I still can't sleep.


It works


I like sheep.

Helps me sleep

the only reason I put down 4 stars was because lately the app hasn't been playing music even though the volume and everything is turned up. other than that when it does work it just relaxes me until I'm asleep. please fix music issue!

About a week ago,..

I liked this app. Now, I can't have any music play? Not working. Needs to be updated. When it was working, it was perfect.


I just finished counting sheep for 15 mins.... Now I'm half asleep as I write this review :)

Makes me sleepy  but...

I love this app but I just wish it would support retina display!!!


It was a waste of my dollar.

It's okay

I got it because of the lullaby music. I was very disappointed in the electronica selections. I am aware that music can be played through my iPod, but that has always been the case!

It's ok

Hasn't really helped me yet but it's nice.


Worth the money. Nice app works well.

Good app

Love this app , can't go asleep with out it!

Sweet Dreams are made of these

I was very skeptical when I decided to download this app. There were other sleep apps out that claimed to do the same. What a waste of time those turned out to be. Well this app turned out to be well worth my time & money. I really like how customizable it is as well as the soothing music. For all the skeptical people out there(like me) this one does what it says. Thanks & sweet dreams

Don't mess with the other ones

I have a really hard time falling asleep. I tried all the other apps and they are total crap compared to this one.

Cute little, sleepy sheep!

This ap is fantastic! The way the sheep move is very soothing and I love the little black sheep who pop up every now and then. This really does help me fall asleep on, what would normally be, sleepless nights. Thank you sleepy sheep!

Worked for me

This is a great app. Just what i was looking for. Simple, to the point, nice music that helped me sleep like a baby. It takes my mind off my projects and to-do's. I use it without the counter on the moon. Best one out there.


Tottaly works great app

why 99 cents?

it's a great app, I was dozing off when I wasn't even tired! it works well, good music, and it's worth the buck! I just wonder, it's just some sheep and music, why the $? I guess it's worth it, I love it! :) :D B)

Fun and relaxing

A slick animation of sheep jumping over the moon, accompanied by a selection of classic lullabies. It's fun to watch and actually does help you unwind! The sound works great as long as you make sure to unmute the iphone.

Counting sheep

Hmm the music isn't working on mine.

Simple app with right qualities

Great application. I use it constantly. Note, you can't have ringer sound turned off and the app work. Not sure why but since I live out of range of calls and coverage - I'm fine with that.

1 problem

Very nice app. But it would be nice if there was an option to dissable wide screen mode, because I like to lay on my side and look at it. It's not as soothing looking at it sideways. Otherways nice app

Great Sleep Aid

Unfortunately, I'm allergic to sheep. Bringing a couple hundred of them into my bedroom to jump a fence has always been out of the question. However, this app has forever solved that problem with a near-limitless supply of virtual sheep. The music selection is relaxing and everything functions as advertised. Terriffic app!

Great App for the Babies!

Works PERFECTLY. Very smooth. The kids love it. BUY THIS APP!

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